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Wayne Thiebaud, Cheese Slices, 1986. Oil on canvas. Private collection.


:: Foxes in Fiction - Altars ::

Ontario Gothic, Foxes in Fiction’s followup to his 2010 debut Swung From the Branches, was released just this past Tuesday. As a record over three years in the making it makes sense that each track is labored, detailed, and fleshed out to reach its maximum potential. It’s a record that was well worth the wait and seems to get better with each listen.

After repeated plays of Ontario Gothic it feels like Altars is the heaviest track on the record, both lyrically and sonically, serving as an appropriate closer for the album. Altars also showcases a lot of what makes Warren’s music so special. Not only are these songs personal and intimate, but Warren also crafts these sorts of large open spaces in his music. A lot of the beauty in Foxes in Fiction comes from the lush atmospheres Warren is able to create. While it almost feels effortless when listening to Ontario Gothic, a quick look at the track details on bandcamp, and of Altars specifically, reveals all of the work he put into this record. Countless vocal contributions, samples, and instruments were used to create this song but after everything is put together nothing feels out of place. All of the textures present blend into something almost breathtakingly beautiful. If anything, this record is a testament to how detail oriented Warren is, something that was already obvious considering his and Brian’s work with Orchid Tapes.

Perhaps the most important part of Altars is the line “In dreams he’s still there.” It feels like one of the most accurate depictions of loss in music I’ve heard in a long time. Loss is something we can learn to deal with but never really get over. We learn how to live with it but whoever it is we’ve lost still exists. They’re still there and we never forget them. It can be painful to have these sorts of constant reminders of someone who isn’t around anymore, but in some ways it’s also comforting. No matter what happens they’re still there, in dreams or in memories.

Purchase a physical copy of Ontario Gothic through Orchid Tapes right here or grab a digital download through the link below.

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Work-break-painting IV

Toro y Moi
Mathew Scott

Senju Waterfall, Akame - Hasui Kawase

Hanne Borchgrevink.
via dansemoileau

2014, Colby Hewitt / Diiv